I am Margrethe, 30 years old, born 16.05.1990 in Baerum, Norway. I have always had a great passion for animals, and particularly horses. I started riding when I was 6 years old at a riding school close to home, and „Wendy“, the cartoon girl from Schleswig-Holstein, was at the time my biggest idol. Finally, at the age of 13, I got my first pony.
As a pony rider, junior and young rider I had my horses at the stable close to home in Norway. My parents were (and still are) my biggest supporters and accompanied me to all the competitions. My father was a competetitive athlete in sailing when he was younger. In general he is interested in all kinds of sports, and also got really interested in showjumping. He is now even since a few years a Board Member in the Norwegian Federation. Because I was not old enough yet, he got the drivers licence for the horsetruck, and eventually we were driving together all over Europe with our horses to different competitions. During this time I trained with the Norwegian Olympic rider, Morten Aasen, who followed me on my first steps in my showjumping career, and also to my debut at the European championship as a junior rider.
When I completed high school, I moved my horses to Sören von Rönne in Hamburg, Germany, to learn and develop as a rider. There I really could make the next step and learn how to ride correct, real, international Grand Prix. Also, I learned more about other factors such as how to develop young horses, how to put everything into a system, and also about managing the different horses. Not the least, I also learned German.
Another Mentor of mine, who I have been lucky to train with, is Franke Sloothak. When training with Franke, I made another step to start competing at 4* and 5* shows, and did my first 4* GP with good solid rounds. I also made the qualification for the World Equestrian Games and the European Championship.
 I also learned how to do the „Dobbellonge“, which is a great way to work the horses from time to time. Dressage work was also something that really came into focus, and still is, after this.
I am so thankful for the possibilities I have had, and still have, to train with very nice and smart people so far throughout my showjumping career. I still see the people i have trained with as my mentors. We keep in touch today and can always discuss horses and the sport. 
Now I am based with my horses at the beautiful stable of Janne-F Meyer-Zimmermann and Christoph Zimmermann in Pinneberg, Hamburg. Here I train with both Janne and also Tjark Nagel. For me, the last year has been a good one, with much development. It includes 4* GP placings, I was long listed for WEG and I was a part of the team participating at CSIO5* Falsterbo (devision 1), which was a debut for me doing a 5* nations cup.
It is super for me also to train with a woman like Janne who has achieved so much. With the help from her and Tjark, maybe one day I will also stand at the podium.