Late-Entry in Riesenbeck

I decided to go to Riesenbeck for three days with my younger horses. The facilities are so good and it is a great opportunity for the younger horses to get experience. I brought Evita (6 years old), Charly (7 years old) and Fighter (8 years old). We drove there on monday so i could ride them all a bit dressage before the show started on tuesday. We got very nice, permanent boxes right next to the indoor.
The courses are always very well built and long enough so the horses can really learn something there. It is nice to ride in such a big ring like Riesenbeck because one can really let the horse gallop a bit in between the fences, that's a big difference to many other indoor shows. 
I am very happy with how the horses were jumping both days. On tuesday Charly had a clear round in the 1.30. Evita and Fighter were both clear and placed the 1.35, I was epecially proud of Evita because it was her first 1,35.
On wednesday both Charly and Evita had nice clear rounds again in the 1.30 and Fighter was also clear in the 1.35 and got 5th place. I think it was a good decision to come here for this show. It is almost exactly like an international show when thinking about the quality of the show with the facilities and courses. My horses definitly got a positive experience out of it.