November 2019: Holsteiner Approvals - Riesenbeck - Peelbergen

Holsteiner Approvals and Auction in Neumünster:

The Holsteiner Approvals and Auction is the biggest event in the fall in Holstein. All the breeders prepare for a long time to get their stallions ready for the approvals. For the breeders it is interesting to see how the breeding is developing, and at the auction they might get inspiration how they should proceed with their own breeding program. When the approvals are finished, the auction starts. All the stallions at the approvals are pre-selected which means that all the horses at the auction has very good quality, even if they are approved or not. So it is a good way to purchase a good and promising young horse.


At the Approvals in Neumünster the indoor is completely full. There are coming people from all over the world. There is also an auction for older horses, that means horses from 3-7 years old. This year there were 42 horses at the auction of riding horses, which is more than it has been the last years. I went to try some of the horses and I was very impressed by the horses they have chosen. 


Late-Entry in Riesenbeck:

After Spain my horses got a well-deserved break before it was time to get started with the indoor season. I took Evita and Indi to a Late-Entry in Riesenbeck to get a smooth start indoors. Riesenbeck is one of my favourite indoors because the ring is so big and the warm-up is very nice as well. So I stayed there for two days, Evita and Indi got to stay in the nice permanent boxes right next to the indoor.

Evita did three clear rounds and was placed 7th in her last class which was a 1.35 class. Indi did two rounds, one 1.35 and one 1.40 - one round with one down and one round clear. So we had a good start to the indoor season and we prepared well for the show in Peelbergen, Holland, the upcoming week. 


Again I took Evita and Indi and we went to Peelbergen in Holland. Evita did again only jump clear rounds - she is really a clear-round-maschine! She jumped the youngster tour for 7 year old horses and jumped all classes clear, that includes the final which was a 1.35m class with jump-off and she got place! Now she will get a well-deserved break before next year. 

Indi was jumping great as well. He only did two 1.40 rounds, in the first class we had one down and in the second class he jumped a nice clear round.