CSI Kronenberg with the youngsters

I went to The Netherlands to the Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen with some of my younger and upcoming horses.

Peelbergen is a place built by the horsedealers in The Netherlands only to organize competitions and different arrangements for horsepeople. And one can really see that a lot of thoughts and money has been invested in it. Everything is thought through, two indoor rings with the best footing and also big warm-up arenas, the outdoor rings are also amazing. Outside the stables there are longing arenas and everything is close – like from the trucks to the stables to the competition area.

One of the indoor arenas



I used this show to give my younger horses more routine on an international level. In the 1.20 tour I rode Ibrahim(6 years old) and Evita(7 years old). They both had good rounds and I think they could really learn something from the long courses with so many different fences in two different arenas. It was even the first international show for Ibrahim so I was very proud that he got 3rd place on Sunday.

Prizegiving ceremony for Ibrahim


Charly and Fighter are a bit older (8 and 9 yo) so they already got a bit experience. Charly did the 1.30 tour and he was placed 6th on Friday and 11th on Saturday. Fighter did the 1.40 Medium Tour, he had a clear round on Friday and was placed as well, but in the 1.45 final I unfortunately had one down.

Nice to see that the horses can relax on the show.